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Strengthening Community-Based Water Monitoring in Atlantic Canada to ensure Atlantic rivers, lakes, and wetlands are healthy and stewarded for all generations.

We support a growing network of Community Partners dedicated to a shared vision for Atlantic Canada’s waters.
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Network Building

AWN fosters a network of over one-hundred community partners across Atlantic Canada and builds inter-provincial collaboration opportunities. AWN learns from our communities and promotes local concerns in national conversations.


Shared Learning

AWN provides tailored training opportunities for community partners, including a free online WET-Pro certification suite, online or in-person water monitoring 101 sessions, and in-field equipment training as a direct response to community needs.


Technical Supports

AWN manages a free water monitoring equipment bank across the Maritimes to ensure communities can collect high quality data. AWN is the regional partner for DataStream, which offers a safe and secure platform for communities to store and share data.


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