Atlantic Water Network consults its Advisory Committee on program directions and networking opportunities. We meet twice a year, preferably in person or via video conference calls. If you are interested in becoming part of AWN’s Advisory Committee, please contact our manager.

Academics Representation

Cathy Conrad
Saint Mary’s University

Joshua Kurek
Mount Allison University

Alice Cohen
Acadia University

Jeremy Ludhome
Saint Mary’s University

Government Representatives

Denis Parent
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Todd Smith
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Andrew Sinclair
Nova Scotia Environment

Community Representatives

Amy Weston
NSLC Adopt A Stream

Levi Cliché
Clean Annapolis River Project

Walter Regan
Sackville River Association

Sarah Weston
GHD Ltd.

Simon Mitchell

Alanna Syliboy
Confederation of Mainland Mi’kmaw