The Atlantic Water Network has a small but mighty team of avid water monitors. We draw upon the work of past students, employees and volunteers who have brought the Network to where it is today. Read the bios below of our current team who works to provide resources and equipment to Community Water Monitors throughout Atlantic Canada.

Emma Wattie


Emma Wattie has worked intimately with the numerous stewardship organizations who utilize AWN’s resources and training for the last five years. Emma has over seven years of data collection and management experience and has collaborated closely with organizations in the effort to build Atlantic Canada’s water monitoring capacity. Emma is a proud Maritimer and loves any excuse to get outside, especially if her dog can join! In her spare time she’s an avid reader, knitter and baker.

Cathy Conrad

Research Coordinator

Cathy is a Full Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. She has worked with Community-Based Monitoring Organizations in Atlantic Canada and around the world.

Laura Chandler

Water Monitoring Program Coordinator

Laura joined Atlantic Water Network after completing her masters in Applied Math at the University of Waterloo as part of the Collaborative Water Program. Laura is excited to learn about all things water, with research experience in modelling and analysing storms, tides, and springtime overturn in lakes. When Laura’s not spending her free time cycling or hiking outdoors, you can often find her working on a variety of crafting projects.

Alex Webb


After an undergraduate degree in political science followed by a number of years roaming Canada and abroad with different opportunities, Alex left her day job to take on a master’s degree in Integrated Water Resource Management. This program lead her to the Atlantic Water Network, where she is researching the impact of community-based monitoring programs on local and regional watershed management decisions, and enjoying exploring the Atlantic provinces.

Aislin Livingstone

Water Program Coordinator

Aislin joined Atlantic Water Network in 2019 as a Water Program Coordinator. In this role, she looks forward to working with an extensive network of community-based monitoring and stewardship organizations to advance practical solutions to the region’s thorniest water issues. Aislin holds an undergraduate degree in Ecology and Human Health from McGill University and a Master’s in Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph. Aislin prefers the coast over mountains and enjoys communing with nature.

Work with Atlantic Water Network

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