Community Spotlight: Annapolis River Guardians

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The Annapolis River Guardians is a long-term program run by staff who believe in maintaining the health of the Annapolis River and its tributaries through community water monitoring and record keeping. They’ve created an incredible longstanding record of water data, with some sites being consistently monitored as far back as the River Guardians’ creation in 1992!

By going out into the field every two weeks from April to October, water monitors are able to track patterns and detect early warning signs of potential ecosystem damage. Catching water issues early on allows the River Guardians to act quickly and implement solutions for their local aquatic life 🐟.

The program also displays results of E. coli sampling on signage near monitoring sites and regularly provides all monitoring results on their website.

You can access more information at and follow @Clean Annapolis River Project on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

by Sade Stacey