Community Spotlight: Clean Foundation – Bioblitz Edition!

 In News

There was lots of wildlife to see at Brule Shore for the Clean Foundation’s July Bioblitz!

Volunteers helped catalogue species in the salt marsh for the next steps of Clean Foundation’s exciting salt marsh project: the Northumberland Strait Coastal Restoration Project 🌿🦀.

Salt marshes are where freshwater and saltwater meet. They fulfill important functions for coastal ecosystems such as storing carbon, filtering water, acting as a buffer against storms, and homing multiple species of plants, fish, and other wildlife. But human activity has interrupted many of these zones, preventing salt marshes across Nova Scotia from thriving.

In response to these human impacts, the Northumberland Strait Coastal Restoration Project aims to restore salt marsh habitats along the North Shore💧🌱.

Emphasizing community involvement, the initiative invites volunteers to hands-on opportunities as well as providing workshops and open access to the project’s technical data. The project currently has 3 restoration sites located at:

💧Marshall’s Crossing, Pictou County

💧Sitmu’k, Pictou Landing First Nation

💧 Brule Point, Ferguson’s Cove

You can learn more about salt marsh restoration and sign up for volunteer opportunities at the! For more on Clean Foundation check out and follow @CleanFoundation on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

by Sade Stacey