Community Spotlight: Coastal Action

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We had the pleasure of joining Coastal Action for their LaHave River Watershed monitoring route! Coastal Action currently has 15 sites throughout the watershed and has been collecting data since 2007 – that’s 13 years!

Located in Lunenburg County, Coastal Actions’ LaHave monitoring program began in response to growing public concerns over the health and safety of the river. Each year Coastal Action publishes a Water Quality Index to provide the community with a score of each water site’s overall health. 💧

In addition to their Water Quality monitoring, Coastal Action takes on a variety of projects related to environmental concerns on the South Shore!

You can check out to learn more about the LaHave River Watershed Project and about all programs involving: Climate Change & Education, Watersheds & Water Quality, Species at Risk & Biodiversity Coastal & Marine. And, follow @coastalaction on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest.

by Sade Stacey