Community Spotlight: Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council

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It was incredible to join MAPC members Kathryn and Zach in the field and see the work being done for the Inner Bay of Fundy (iBoF) Atlantic Salmon In-Situ Egg Incubation Project!🐟

In November, staff nested Egg Incubation Baskets containing iBoF Atlantic salmon eggs (over 4,500 eggs in total!) in 3 project rivers – Chiganois, Staples Brook, and Portapique. An alternative to rearing and incubating salmon in captivity, the iBoF Atlantic Salmon In-Situ Egg Incubation Project aims to introduce salmon eggs to in-stream environments to result in physically stronger and more reproductive salmon.

MAPC is now in the final phases of the project where staff are noting the survival of the hatched In-Situ eggs and determining what environmental parameters are favourable to the species through water monitoring and analysis.

You can watch how this amazing initiative develops on @IKANAWTIKET’s Facebook and Instagram accounts and by checking out the project website. To learn more about MAPC visit

by Sade Stacey