Community Spotlight: Pictou County Rivers Association

 In News

We had an incredible time joining Pictou County Rivers Association on their water monitoring run!

Overseeing 7 rivers in Pictou County, PCRA is a non-profit made up of volunteers dedicated to maintaining the health of the county’s water and wildlife. Pictured are just a few of the association’s water monitoring sites and habitat restoration projects!

In addition to their hands-on care of rivers, PCRA also hosts grade school education sessions through their Fish Friends program, and regularly makes water quality data available for the community on Facebook.

Participating in a small portion of PCRA’s projects was a grounding experience for our team. We’re humbled to see the amazing work being done in connection to AWN’s equipment bank 🌿🐟.

You can follow Pictou County Rivers Association on Facebook and learn more about their projects at

by Sade Stacey