AWN offers several types of training opportunities for community-based organizations.

Equipment Training

Atlantic Water Network offers loans of several types of equipment, including our WET-Pro field kits. If you are interested in borrowing or have your own WET-Pro, or YSI, AWN can bring you up to speed on how to properly calibrate the equipment. Returning summer 2020, our staff will offer on site calibration and training sessions. Contact our office to book a time.

Data Management

Atlantic Water Network is the regional lead for Atlantic DataStream, a national program run by The Gordon Foundation. If you would like in-person or video call assistance in getting your data onto DataStream, please contact us. We provide additional assistance with managing and analyzing water quality data through workshops on Data Management and Data Analysis.

WET-Pro is an online training course that was created through AWN’s government partners and academics. This 5-part module can be taken at your own pace and is free for stewardship organizations. Course materials can be found below, however, a registration key is needed to take the course. To get your registration key, please contact our office.