Atlantic Water Network hosts workshops on Data Management and Data Analysis. Click below to download workshop materials and instructional videos.

Temperature Logger R Workshop: August 2021

The Temperature Logger R Workshop provides a walkthrough of two applications run using R language that may be useful for groups who collect temperature logger data. No previous experience using R or coding is necessary.

Click below for resources on installing R and getting started with the apps.
Getting Started and Installing R

The two applications include:

  1. Temperature Logger to DataStream Upload 
    This app takes temperature logger data and efficiently converts it directly into a CSV file that can be uploaded to DataStream.
    Instructions – Temperature Logger to DataStream Upload 
    Download the program here:
    Temperature Logger to DataStream Upload R Application
  2. Temperature Logger Analysis 
    This app looks through temperature logger network data to identify temperature events that may be dangerous to aquatic life, as well as to get a general picture of the temperature distribution in a temperature logger network. The analysis is presented in graphs, maps, and tables.
    Instructions – Temperature Logger Analysis
    Download the program here:
    Temperature Logger Analysis R Application

Temperature Logger to DataStream Upload Demo

Temperature Logger Analysis Demo

Installing Packages

Data Management: February 2019

The Water to Web workshops on Data Management were designed to highlight data management and help groups integrate it into their program planning. Read more in our blog post here.

Module 1: Data Management

Module 2: Atlantic DataStream

Module 3: Excel Analysis

Module 4: Using CCME’s WQI Calculator

Video tutorials were made to teach data management and conditional formatting in further depth and can be found below. Click here to download additional resources.

Data Analysis: December 2019

The Data to Action workshop on Data Analysis was designed to build on the data management workshop and introduce resources that will complement Atlantic DataStream data. Read more about this workshop here.

Module 1: Workshop Introduction

Module 2: Analysis Introduction: Excel

Module 3: Analysis Deep-Dive: R and AWN’s WQI tool

Module 4: Data Communication

Click here for a list of external analysis resources and for AWN’s google sheet template for Watershed Report Cards.

Data Management Introduction

Conditional Formatting